Category: Infrastructure

Waiting For Torquebox / JBoss to Start

We recently started to use Torquebox on one of our projects. Torquebox is a Ruby application platform built on top of the JBoss Java application server. It has a lot of great features that you can read about on their website Switching from a custom coded Tomcat environment for deploying JRuby applications to Torquebox… Read more »

Multi-field extractions in Splunk

As a SysAdmin, one of the cooler tools that I’ve worked with is Splunk.  A project I’m on indexes absolutely every log that it generates into Splunk, from firewall logs to system logs to custom application logs.  Splunk does an excellent job of identifying the format of the data we ingest and automatically extracting fields… Read more »

Replacing a MacBook SuperDrive with an SSD

At Element 84 it’s pretty common for us to “just handle it” when something doesn’t go the way we wanted. That’s what happened this week with the recent MacBookPro refresh. A couple of us were ready for new laptops and were really itching for the rumored 16GB SSD + HD and higher resolution for the… Read more »

Loading NIC drivers in Hyper-V Core

This is a somewhat random post to put up here but maybe it will help save someone else time. I’m fascinated by virtualization and cloud technologies and recently virtualized all of Element 84’s infrastructure into an AMD based server running Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server Core 2008 R2. On the whole installation and setup went well with… Read more »