Category: iOS Development

Running Parameterized Tests in iOS

One major disadvantage to [SenTestingKit|XCTestKit] is the inability to run the same test with different sets of parameters. Helper methods are an option, but you still wind up with a test case littered with (almost) duplicate test methods. Recently I borrowed a solution from the world of Cucumber testing and wrote PTKTestKit, which supports writing… Read more »

Combining iOS and OS X Projects

Recently we decided to combine repositories for an OS X and iOS version of an application we’ve been developing. This decision came about after realizing that sharing code was breaking one application and our automated build wasn’t picking up the changes. There are a few solutions for sharing code between apps: static libraries, resource bundles,… Read more »

iHomework v2.6 Update

We’re excited to announce the release of iHomework v2.6 for iOS! The first thing you’ll notice when you open the App Store updates tab is the brand new iHomework icon. We think it looks awesome, and hope you do too. In addition to a new icon, we’ve introduced Questia¬†integration within iHomework. Questia provides a huge… Read more »

iHomework v2.5.2 Submitted

We’ve submitted version iHomework 2.5.2 (iOS) for App Store review. This update addresses a migration issue when enabling iCloud and a few other tidbits that should improve the quality of the application. For users still waiting for the Mac update: we’ve submitted an expedited review request in hopes that Apple will speed up the review… Read more »

iHomework 2.5.1 Approved

iHomework 2.5.1 has been approved and is available for download in the iTunes App Store. This update focuses on a few bug fixes and address additional iOS 6 and iPhone 5 issues that were present in 2.5. We’re still waiting on the Mac app approval, as it seems Apple is moving much quicker through iOS… Read more »

iHomework v2.5.1 Submitted

Good news! Today we submitted iHomework v2.5.1 to the App Store for approval. This update includes a significant number of bug fixes and addresses some long standing issues with WiFi syncing. As soon as Apple reviews and approves the update it’ll be available in the iTunes and Mac App stores for download. Some of the… Read more »

iHomework v2.5 Released

iHomework v2.5 has been released to the iOS App Store and should be showing up shortly! This update includes iOS 6 compatibility and introduces iCloud sync. The Mac update is still in review – if you’d like to continue syncing with the Mac version we suggest staying on WiFi sync until the Mac update is… Read more »

iHomework <3 Element 84

We’ve got two big announcements that we’ve been itching to talk about for a few months now. First, we’d like to announce that iHomework is officially a product of Element 84! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out iHomework, it’s a great tool for helping students of any age stay organized at school…. Read more »