[box] iHomework is a powerful tool to help organize your life as a student. When you’re not on the go, use your Mac to organize your school work. Quickly enter homework assignments or update your calendar. Best of all with iCloud, your data will automatically show up on your other devices.[/box]



[tabs slidertype=”simple”] [tab]iHomework Mac lets you organize your school work the way you want it so that you can focus on what you do best. Get an idea of your day by looking at the detail layout, which displays your work in a convenient day-to-day list. See all assignment details at one glance with the powerful list layout. Make changes, view details, and filter the list with only a few mouse clicks.[/tab] [tab]iHomework Mac offers all of the features of the mobile version. iHomework inspector windows let you fill in details for your courses, teachers, reminders, and reading. You’re only a few mouse clicks away from setting up your course schedule or jotting down your teacher’s office hours. [/tab] [tab]iHomework Mac will automatically create iCal events each time you generate a new assignment or let you create quick assignments from the menu bar. With the iHomework suite, you’re getting a suite of apps designed to improve your student life regardless of your favorite device.[/tab] [/tabs]


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