At Element 84 we believe that mobile applications are a gateway into something larger, whether that’s socializing, emergency response information, or plugging into a massive amount of information. We also believe that in order to really get mobile and development the team must understand the full picture. Element 84 has worked with small startups, well established large companies, and federal clients to build not just a development process but an entire company culture around making sure we build the right software.

A few key concepts we focus on throughout the development process:

[learn_more caption=”The right User Experience (UX) for the right device is critical.”]
Time and user attention are precious on a phone but immersion and natural interaction are key on a tablet device while browser compatibility and scalability are key on a website. Getting the user experience right is an iterative and subjective effort. Element 84’s agile development process is built to drive usability by continually delivering real working builds of the software on your devices and collecting user feedback.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”A mobile device is part of a bigger picture.”]
Mobile devices rarely exist in isolation. The mobile developer needs to understand the context in which an application lives. They need to understand the connectivity challenges, the massive scaling needs to serve potentially millions of users, and, most importantly, the business needs of our customer and their users. The Element 84 team understands modern web development techniques and how to get the right information to users at the right time.

[learn_more caption=”Mobile and Web applications serve millions of users.”]
Your application team needs to balance getting the right software out as quickly as possible with the reality of needing to scale on a moment’s notice. The Element 84 team has a strong background in enterprise development and understands high availability, scalability, and large data needs. Element 84 applies this technical background with our agile process to deliver the right features in a scalable solution. Through Element 84’s partners like Engine Yard, we can bootstrap an application with minimal deployment costs but scale up as your users grow.

[learn_more caption=”Business and users drive change”]
As your users begin using your software their needs frequently change. Ideas come from everywhere, UI designs spring out of playing with the latest build, and small details suddenly become key features that your users want to expand. We believe the right approach to building software is to make it usable as quickly as possible and partner in a way that everyone is excited about feedback and changes to future development. You’re building software, not hardware – it should move with your business and your users.

We believe that a successful product requires a strong and honest relationship between us and our customer. We structure our relationships to maximize feedback and believe that learning happens throughout the project, both on our side and yours. Clients engage us for the dialog, technical guidance, and partnership that ultimately makes a project successful. If we’re the kind of company you’re looking to work with then please don’t hesitate to contact us at