EOS Clearing House (ECHO), Element 84 provides technical leadership and development expertise on this NASA system, responsible for earth science metadata. ECHO consists of a highly available, big data backend written primarily in Ruby on Rails along with exposed web services and a custom developed, public facing, front end, Reverb.

NASA Earth Data

NASA Earth Data, Element 84 provides technical leadership and development expertise for this NASA system, designed to expose NASA Earth data to a broad audience. Still under active development, this Drupal-based system consists of a collaborative wiki, connection to ECHO, and various community links and collaborative resources.


iHomework, – An app that has been around since the launch of the App Store, iHomework helps students manage their academic careers. Whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, iHomework is there to help you improve your life as a student. With iCloud integration, iHomework automagically syncs your data between any and all of your devices. Record and track your entire academic portfolio with a few swipes of a finger or clicks of a mouse.


Questia Library (iOS), Element 84 began development of this app at version 3.0 and has continued to implement features into 3.1. Questia library allows subscribers to read and take notes on thousands of books, magazines, and journal publications. All of those notes can be synchronized with the Questia website and other devices. Element 84 wrote both the iOS code and a Ruby on Rails server to work with the existing Questia infrastructure to accomplish all of this functionality on iOS. This project also included working with client developers to coordinate development.