At AGU in December 2011, Dan Pilone, Matt Chechini of Raytheon, and Andrew Mitchell from NASA presented Impacts and Viability of Open Source Software on Earth Science Metadata Clearing House and Service Registry Applications, discussing the use of open source software with the NASA ECHO project.

At JRubyConf 2011 in August 2011, Jason Gilman presented Building the MagicWebService . The NASA ECHO project needed to build a REST API on top of an existing SOAP API with ~200 available operations. They chose JRuby and Rails to build the API. The first implementation of the SOAP request layer using an existing Ruby library suffered from poor performance and code bloat. They solved these problems by creating the MagicWebService. The MagicWebService uses an exiting Java library for fast performance and metaprogramming trick to make a dead simple Ruby API.[/one_half]

At RailsConf 2011, Dan Pilone and Jason Gilman presented Controlled Chaos: A Case Study of Introducing Rails into an Operational NASA System. This presentation was a case study in introducing Ruby on Rails into a highly available NASA Earth Science Data Search and Order System.

At an online conference for Think Vitamin, Dan Pilone presented a session on Debugging, Testing, and Tuning iOS Apps. It covered testing and profiling iOS applications using the SDK developer tools including detailed unit testing, automated UI testing, and profiling through Instruments.

Dan Pilone also presented an iPhone Devleopment Overview at DevDays 2009, and provided an introduction to both the business and technological side of iPhone development.