Up and Running in AWS

A guide to building a cloud-based environment that is secure, scalable, and suited for modern development needs.

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  • Shadow IT is not a solution

    Employees that circumvent normal process and procedure, instead using an unsanctioned cloud environment can cause unintended consequences. This shadow IT–sometimes called “Bring Your Own Cloud”–is not the cloud paradigm shift we recommend.

  • AWS accounts are your building blocks

    When you begin to build your your cloud environment, the first step should be to address responsibility, security, and what may be the most-often cited reason for moving to the cloud, cost. Beginning with an organizational approach to your cloud environment focused on accounts is ideal.

  • DMZ Subnets and Hub-and-Spoke Networks Increase Security

    The hub and spoke network model allows you to secure both your AWS resources against a breach in your local network, and protect your local network from a compromise in your AWS infrastructure.

  • Scalability Begins with Principled Design

    While scalability surfaces most often as a technical issue, it’s really about design and careful thinking.

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