by Paul Pilone

Good news! Today we submitted iHomework v2.5.1 to the App Store for approval. This update includes a significant number of bug fixes and addresses some long standing issues with WiFi syncing. As soon as Apple reviews and approves the update it’ll be available in the iTunes and Mac App stores for download. Some of the issues addressed in this update include:


  • Data is not persisted after WiFi sync with Mac app
  • Data is overwritten by Mac app after WiFi sync
  • Buttons would not be visible on 3.5” screens
  • Improves migration from previous versions
  • Toolbars are not positioned correctly on 4” screens
  • Changes from iCloud would not be immediately visible
  • Settings can not be re-opened after iCloud migration
  • Updating course is not pushed to iCloud


  • Fixed issue where calendar would not appear on first launch.
  • Fixed “Week” grouping for assignments
  • Fixed issue where Mac app would overwrite changes after WiFi sync