Simple Disaster Response and Emergency Operations Dashboards

  • Quickly create disaster and incident response maps using a variety of remote sensing and in-situ data sources
  • Fully offline-capable with the ability to sync when a network connection is established
  • Built with first-responder teams in-mind to help coordinate and centralize geospatial data throughout an event
  • Simple, intuitive user interface enables quick training and handoff to emergency operation center staff
  • Call center integration using Amazon Connect allows field teams to report datapoints via text message

Improving Disaster Response Data Pipelines

A look at user problems and opportunities when using remote sensing data in disaster response scenarios.

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Get insights into…

  • Common issues with data use in disaster response

    Large, cloud-based repositories of remote sensing data aren’t very useful if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection. In addition, adding data from the field is even more problematic without the right tools and software.

  • How small user experience issues can cause big problems

    Slow or nonexistent 3G on phones, coordinating connections to a local-only network, combining paper map data from field workers–simple tasks on a normal day can be tedious or impossible when working in a disaster zone.

  • Potential personas to consider when designing systems

    Personas are a simple way to always have the user front-of-mind while designing systems. This study provides some base user archetypes to help you navigate the spectrum of user you’d encounter in a disaster response scenario.

  • Common software and cloud solutions used in the disaster response space

    Get to know the software landscape and see how current open source and commercial products are being used in this space.

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