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Emily Weyrich


As President and Co-Founder, Tracey’s focus is on ensuring our customers’ goals are being met, and with a customer base as varied as Element 84’s that is quite the effort. Tracey is deeply involved in refining long term strategy for our clients, as well as the day to day operations of the company. Tracey also provides both our team and clients insights drawing from her engineering and business operation experience.

Chief Technology Officer

Dan is a Co-Founder and CTO of Element 84. In addition to that, he is our vision setter. The bigger the idea, the better. He has a strong passion for setting exciting goals and working with our customers and developers to attain those goals. He has designed and implemented systems for NASA, Hughes, ARINC, UPS, and the Naval Research Laboratory. He has taught project management, software design, and software engineering at The Catholic University in Washington D.C., been an instructor for the DC iPhone Bootcamp, and has written several books on software development.

Director of Administration & Finance

Emily Weyrich is the Director of Finance & Administration for Element 84. Prior to joining Element 84 in 2012 she spent 13 years in the Commercial Real Estate and Corporate Training sectors managing human resources, budget planning & development, and customer account management. Her areas of responsibility at e84 include overall financial management, employee benefits, classification and compensation, learning & development, client services and account management.

Our Process

Element 84's process diagram - horizontal Element 84's process diagram - horizontal

Core Competencies Explorer

User Experience

We build global applications for audiences as diverse as home theater streaming and Earth data science, so our user experience team understands better than most how to discover what makes any kind of visitor feel at home. Our process is the perfect blend of user-focused insight, discovery, testing, and iterative design that finds just the right balance between following what users want and leading them to what they need.

Visual Design

Our designers find beauty in complexity and simple stories in big data. No matter the platform, device, or scale, Element 84's experience crafting interfaces that inspire will encourage your visitors to explore. From concept sketches to final comps, we love to make beautiful things.

Software Engineering

Our engineers are a special breed. Handling petabytes of near real-time satellite data is not for the faint of heart, and our engineers live for it. From consumer streaming capabilities to enabling Earth science around the globe, our engineers are equipping users to do things that matter.


We provide mission-critical operations from single apps to large-scale distributed systems. Whether it's in the cloud, on-premises, or somewhere in between, we automate systems with intelligent scaling, high-availability, and industry-standard security and compliance.

Our engineers design and maintain deployment infrastructure capable of serving a global market. Our specialties are durability and performance, with no bumps in the night.

What You Can Expect

Element 84 is an end-to-end producer of enterprise-level web, mobile, big data, and high-availability software applications, offering full in-house capabilities in planning, strategy, design, and the technical engineering necessary to make your biggest digital dreams a reality.

If you're a client who needs world-class software products built from customer insights then contact us. We'll be back to you the same day.