Lutra A Smart Data Management Platform

Lutra helps create effective marketing campaigns

By analyzing analytics from across your company and feeding valuable information to your CRM we help create effective marketing campaigns.

Using the latest machine learning techniques, Lutra can discover new insights about your customers and give your marketing team the data they need to make smarter decisions.

Lutra works with your company to:

  • Increase user retention

    For every customer, Lutra can determine the chance that they will cancel their subscription.

  • Provide a personalized user experience

    Lutra segments your users into specific cohorts so that re-engagement campaigns can be specifically tailored for the individual customers.

  • Improve the cost of acquisition

    Lutra tracks the user all the way through the acquisition process and matches it to their activity so you can identify which marketing channels are performing the best.

  • Reduce fraud

    Lutra’s machine learning algorithm can help detect fraudulent accounts and alert your team to possible abuse.

  • Provide intelligent information

    Lutra can help answer questions like: Why was there a higher bounce rate? How do I take action on metric changes?

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