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Jason Gilman to speak at JRubyConf!


On August 3-5th, JRubyConf will be held here, in DC. Jason Gilman has been selected as a speaker! Here are some details about his presentation, if you’re interested in attending, Early Bird Registration for the conference runs through July 19th.

Building the MagicWebService

The NASA ECHO project needed to build a REST API on top of an existing SOAP API with ~200 available operations. They chose JRuby and Rails to build the API. The first implementation of the SOAP request layer using an existing Ruby library suffered from poor performance and code bloat. They solved these problems by creating the MagicWebService. The MagicWebService uses an existing Java library for fast performance and metaprogramming tricks to make a dead simple Ruby API.

This session will cover some lessons learned and tips for:

  • Reusing Java libraries and packaging as a gem
  • Metaprogramming to make dealing with Java libraries easier and reduce code size
  • When to choose pure Ruby solutions or use Java libraries
Tracey Pilone

Tracey Pilone

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