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Empathy and intuition by design

Aa part of Element 84's user experience practice your technical skills with personas, user flows, and wireframes may come a bit later in the game than you might be used to. Our process begins with talking, imagining, and understanding our users in a way that goes deeper than most, and when your users range from volcanologists to movie night audiences to families with special medical needs it's your empathy that will serve you best.

We make the complex simply beautiful

As an e84 designer you’ll play an active role in cross-functional teams and get a lot of experience fast. Together with product managers and engineers you’ll explore a wide range of solutions quickly, and have multiple opportunities to design major products from concept to launch. We're a diverse company made up of small teams, and every team member is critical to the success of even our major clients, so you won't be in the middle of the action -- you'll be the action.

Making bigger better

Our engineers are a special breed. Handling petabytes of near real-time satellite data is not for the faint of heart, and we call that Monday morning. From consumer streaming capabilities to enabling Earth science around the globe, you'll use Clojure, Rails, Java, or you name it to deliver exactly what our customers need. It's not easy and a brand new challenge every single day, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Automating everything

Whether you're developing the back end infrastructure for a single app or a large-scale distributed system you'll be thinking big, because the only place our clients go is up. Whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or somewhere in between, you'll spend as much time staying ahead of the technology knowledge curve as serving it up to our clients, using the very latest in in computing systems to serve hockey-stick growth with no bumps in the night.

Some things we care about

We invest in each other

We value our people and believe it's critical that we invest in each other. We support each other's goals, even as those goals grow and change. We believe potential isn't much good unless it's realized, so we provide a platform that allows our team to grow.

This plays out a number of different ways. Here's just a few.

  • Paid conference time for every employee
  • Book budget to help tackle that project you want to take on
  • Brown bags, both work and personal-project related
  • Quarterly events where everyone (literally from all over the country) attends
  • Incredible healthcare benefits

We are reliable

Hidden behind the inspiration and insight is what we consider the beating heart of Element 84 -- a respect for the fact that, although they aren't the most exciting parts of what we do, being consistent, responsible, and reliable are the most important parts of what we do.

We love to make discoveries and solve hard problems, but it's our execution in which we take the most pride. Our teams are agile masters, our executives have written books and taught university classes on bringing large development projects in on time and under budget. When the strategizing and brainstorming have done their job and defined what you want to build, we have the management expertise you need to make it real.

Our work benefits our world

We believe this value to be essential... not just for us, but for the people we like to work with. We want to make the world a better place. We want to leave in the evening feeling like we've created more value than we've captured.

There are lots of hard problems to tackle in the technology space within which we thrive and lots of those hard problems really matter: Earth Science research, alternative energy sources, medicine, famine data analysis... the list goes on.

Many of the companies we love working with have a real mission to change the world, and we want to come along.

Interested? Here's what we're looking for