Marc Huffnagle is a developer and systems administrator for Element 84. He's spent the past five years working on a NASA project as a developer, testing team lead, and sysadmin. Prior to NASA, Marc was the head of web development for a small contract IT company. When he isn't working, it's a safe bet that he's on his motorcycle and trying his best to get lost.

Github pull requests made easy

(Featured image from http://octodex.github.com/collabocats/) One of the things that I like most about Github is how easy it is to contribute back to the projects that I use on a daily basis. Once I figured that out, I started forking repos and issuing pull requests every time I found a problem. In this post, I… Read more »

Multi-field extractions in Splunk

As a SysAdmin, one of the cooler tools that I’ve worked with is Splunk.  A project I’m on indexes absolutely every log that it generates into Splunk, from firewall logs to system logs to custom application logs.  Splunk does an excellent job of identifying the format of the data we ingest and automatically extracting fields… Read more »