Technology Radar 2014

We’re releasing our first Technology Radar. A Technology Radar, pioneered by ThoughtWorks, is a list of the techniques, tools, platforms, languages, and frameworks divided into recommendation levels: Adopt, Trial, Assess and Hold. It’s mostly a list of things we find useful and interesting. We’ve built our own Technology Radar for several reasons. We think it… Read more »

Running Parameterized Tests in iOS

One major disadvantage to [SenTestingKit|XCTestKit] is the inability to run the same test with different sets of parameters. Helper methods are an option, but you still wind up with a test case littered with (almost) duplicate test methods. Recently I borrowed a solution from the world of Cucumber testing and wrote PTKTestKit, which supports writing… Read more »

Easy Testing with Android Studio

If you’re developing in Android Studio and using the Gradle build system, this guide will help you get your Test environment up and running in just 4 steps. Before we get started, let’s take a look at what we will be adding to our project: JUnit JUnit is the standard unit testing framework for Java. We’ll… Read more »

DRY Up Your Vagrant Files

The last couple of weeks I have been learning to use Vagrant in support of some testing we are doing of persistence solutions like MongoDB and Riak. If you are not familiar with Vagrant and you are using virtual machines in your development, you really should check it out. Vagrant combined with Packer makes it… Read more »

Announcing VDD Core

I am pleased to announce the release of a new open source library from element 84. VDD Core is a Clojure library built to help enable Visualization Driven Development. Visualization Driven Development (VDD) is a new name for an old concept. VDD is the practice of using interactive visualizations to aid in understanding the execution… Read more »