Earth SearchA Public Search and Discovery API for Earth on AWS Datasets

Earth Search is powered by SAT-API

It gives you a central search catalog and standardized STAC metadata via a single API.

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  • Based on SAT-API and STAC standards

    Earth Search is powered by Sat-api: a STAC compliant web API for searching and serving metadata for geospatial data, including imagery.

  • Backed by an ElasticSearch Index

    ElasticSearch provides a fast, scalable search engine for finding STAC metadata within the Earth on AWS Datasets.

  • Earth on AWS Datasets

    Earth Search offers a public search and discovery API For Earth on AWS, Amazon's registry of open geospatial datasets. Initial datasets include Sentinel 1 & 2, Landsat 8, CBERS-4, and NAIP.


  • Earth Search

    Search for recent imagery of Alexandria, VA

    However, since geometry queries can be complex, sat-search provides an easier way to search STAC APIs.

  • GeoJSON

    With a GeoJSON Feature as a file <aoi.geojson>, search for recent imagery with:

    sat-search search --url --intersects aoi.geojson --datetime 2019-01-01/2019-05-01
  • Cloud Free Imagery

    Search the entire archive for cloud-free imagery:

    sat-search search --url --intersects aoi.geojson -p eo:cloud_cover<5
  • Limit Searches

    Since Earth Search contains multiple collections, it can also be helpful to limit search to a specific collection:

    sat-search search --url --intersects aoi.geojson --datetime 2019-01-01/2019-05-01 -c landsat-8-l1

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