Element 84

We’re Element 84 and we’re taking on some of the biggest challenges in software: petabyte search, consumer streaming, Earth science repositories—high performance systems for some of the biggest corporate and government clients in the world.

Our main office is located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, with free soda, a hotly debated candy bowl, cinema displays, and is in walking distance to lots of great food. We also have working groups in Philadelphia, South Dakota, Texas, Michigan—pretty much all over.

Our agile teams have enterprise-level technical ability far beyond any digital agency and our mastery of the user experience offers customer insights no development firm can match.

We've helped the scientific community turn big data into bigger results and consumer clients generate hockey-stick growth. Find out more about what we do.

If you're a software engineer, system administrator, interface coder, or visual designer who's at the top of your game and looking for a bigger game then we would love to have you join our team.

We just acquired activate.digital to serve our growing practice in user experience, visual design, and digital strategy. Read more about this exciting partnership!