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A Year of QA at E84

Tracy Laux

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High Stakes, Hard Certs

Deciding to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Professional exam at re:Invent. This certification is considered one of the toughest to achieve in IT, and it lived up to the hype. It was bruta...

2018-12-19 Dan Stark

E84 Lab Notes: Machine Learning with SageMaker

In a previous post we showed how the E84 R&D team used RoboSat by Mapbox to prepare training data, train a machine learning model, and run predictions on new satellite imagery. In this example, we’re ...

2018-12-04 Nate Pauzenga

E84 Lab Notes: Machine Learning with RoboSat

Recently, the E84 R&D team has been experimenting with machine learning pipelines and identifying potential use cases. There are a lot of new and exciting tools out there and we’re interested in explo...

2018-11-08 Nate Pauzenga

Tracking Hurricane Florence with GOES-16 and SATcat

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is the second in a row to feature three simultaneous storms–the most recent, and most dangerous being Florence which reached Category 4 status earlier in the week (n...

2018-09-13 Jeff Siarto