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Colby Fayock

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Write Merge Requests Like You’re Posting to Instagram

Merge requests (or pull requests) are a huge part of a team’s development process. It’s the main gatekeeper preventing developers from throwing whatever they want into the default branch. It’s also a ...

2019-05-02 Colby Fayock

Exploring Serverless Portability

With Functions as a Service (FaaS), cloud providers promise us the ability to deploy, run, and scale small pieces of application code without worrying about the underlying hardware or virtual machines...

2019-04-30 Kevin Shaw

Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF vs the Meta Raster Format

If you are working with geospatial data visualizations you have probably heard of Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs and may also have heard of the Meta Raster Format. These formats both provide efficient acces...

2019-04-18 James Norton

Reinforcement Learning Intro: Starring Python and Gym

Introduction Machine learning has been an extremely popular topic in recent years. OpenAI recently published about its success in developing an agent using machine learning to beat Dota2 professionals...

2019-04-16 Jacob Campbell