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Ben Adams

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COVID-19 Cases Over Time with Kepler.gl

This blog post discusses how to quickly visualize data, like that of COVID-19. We are not medical experts and the visualizations have not been peer reviewed. We recommend visiting data sources, like t...

2020-04-07 Jason Gilman

Color Correction in Space and at Sea

A common theme with projects at Element 84 is bridging the gap between data collection and its presentation to end-users. With satellite imagery, there is a pipeline of processing steps used to transf...

2020-01-09 Matt Bialas

AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency

Hanging just above the reception desk at our office in Alexandria are three framed posters–one for each of our company values. Now you may think that’s a bit cheesy–in a sort of team-rowing-motivation...

2019-12-05 Jeff Siarto