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Enhancing the Pangeo Community with NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) Data

Jeff Siarto

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Tracking Hurricane Florence with GOES-16 and SATcat

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is the second in a row to feature three simultaneous storms–the most recent, and most dangerous being Florence which reached Category 4 status earlier in the week (n...

2018-09-13 Jeff Siarto

JDI Mind Tricks

I have always used a REPL driven approach to Clojure development and this has been very productive, but at times I have really missed the old school approach of setting break points and stepping throu...

2018-06-28 James Norton

Raspberry Pi Office Art

As a fun project and a way to get familiar with the popular Raspberry Pi platform, our team decided to build a real life display that can hang on the wall and be used to display various team metrics s...

2018-06-28 Andrew Baker

Proto REPL – Updates to the Clojure REPL for Atom

Proto REPL is a Clojure REPL for the Atom Editor that I introduced in a blog post last October. When I introduced Proto REPL, I wrote “The future of interactive development is going to be visual.” and...

2016-02-04 Jason Gilman


I’ve struggled with what I should write about for my first e84 blog post. You see, I’m not your typical high-tech employee. I don’t have a computer science degree. I’m not a math nut. I’ve never solve...

2016-01-31 Mark Reese