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E84 @ 2019 ESIP Summer Meeting

Colby Fayock

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Cloud-native Apps Force Developers to Put Security First

Data stored in the cloud is an attractive target for hackers. High profile breaches like the recent exposure of images of license plates at a U.S. port of entry have become commonplace. These events j...

2019-07-05 Gary Sieling

Failing Upwards

Theme Every year at the Element 84 offsite, attendees get the chance to take part in lightning talks. And, every year, without fail, I (and everyone else), will leave with about half a dozen new hobbi...

2019-06-06 Justin Kuo

E84 @ AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington DC

We’ve been heads down, hard at work tackling challenges in Earth Science and Disaster Response and are ready to share what we’re doing with all of you. June 11-12, we’ll be joining AWS at their Public...

2019-05-16 Colby Fayock

Write Merge Requests Like You’re Posting to Instagram

Merge requests (or pull requests) are a huge part of a team’s development process. It’s the main gatekeeper preventing developers from throwing whatever they want into the default branch. It’s also a ...

2019-05-02 Colby Fayock