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E84 at the July 2021 ESIP Meeting


We are looking forward to the ESIP Meeting this week, July 19-23, 2021. Our engagement with ESIP is deep. Element 84 (E84) has been a member of ESIP since 2014 and we have sponsored every ESIP meeting since they started their meeting sponsor program in July 2017, making this our 8th sponsorship! By supporting ESIP, we co-invest with our federal government partners like NASA, NOAA and USGS in building and sustaining the broader Earth science open innovation community that ESIP encompasses.

Our engagement is more than financial. E84 has collaborated with the ESIP team on lanyards and when the meetings went virtual last summer, we pivoted to collaborating on graphics including the graphics for this meeting. We prioritize our team’s participation in ESIP meetings and have supported many of our employees to attend and present at ESIP because we realize the valuable professional development opportunity that participating and learning through a community of peers provides for our team.

E84 engages year-round with ESIP. This year Tracey, E84 President and co-Founder, was elected to the ESIP Board where she serves as a board member, finance committee chair and Treasurer. She is not the first E84’er to lead ESIP, Patrick Quinn served as the ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster chair from 2019-2021, where he revived activities and built a community of practice across key stakeholders developing cloud resources to support Earth science.

The meeting’s theme continues a year-long exploration of “Leading Innovation in Earth Science Data Frontiers.” There are five days of rich programming around all things Earth science data, open science challenges and cloud technologies like STAC supporting Earth science applications. As part of the program, you can find E84 in the following places:

There is still time to register if you are interested in attending. This virtual conference brings together federal program managers, technology leaders, industry partners, NGOs, and many others to gather and share ideas, learn, and network. We would love to connect with you if you have tough geospatial problems or you love to solve tough geospatial problems (we’re hiring!)

Thanks to the ESIP staff, session leaders and speakers for the tireless work putting this event on. See you soon!