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Dan Pilone on the Casual Space Podcast


At the end of June, Casual Space Podcast hosted by Beth Mund, published a conversation she had with Dan Pilone, Co-Founder and CTO. The conversation covered a lot of ground (pun intended!). It was impressive that Dan was the first person she’s had on her show to talk about the data and informatics side of space exploration and satellites. They focused on the huge impact that remotely sensed data from satellites can have on disaster response, drought and other humanitarian crises. Dan was so excited about the future of remote sensing research, mentioning new missions being launched and the amount of data that will come with those new missions. They also talked small – the potential for anyone to do this kind of work with CubeSats and platforms like spaceflight.com that is a ride share to add your instrument or get a FUNcube dongle to see when the FUNcube flys over.  In the end the conversation came back to the crux of Element 84’s philosophy–Impatient Optimists wanting to make an impact and leave the planet better than we found it.

To hear the full conversation, check out Casual Space on Beth’s website or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Let us know on Twitter what you think!