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Dan Pilone on the Minds Behind Maps Podcast


Earlier this month, Dan Pilone, our Co-founder and CEO spent a few hours with Maxime Lenormand at the Minds Behind Maps Podcast. The conversation spans a variety of topics from Dask and Xarray, game theory and open source software, through people-focused growth and Element 84’s hiring process.

Dan Pilone is the CEO and co-founder of Element 84, a software engineering company focused on building geospatial solutions at scale. We touch on Dan’s experience working on geospatial software engineer problems and how those have changed over the past decade. We discuss the work Element84 has done to contribute to AWS’s Open Data program, as well the journey of co-founding a company with Dan’s wife Tracey, and how they’re thinking of growth through a people-focused mindset.

Listen to the full episode with show notes.